To bike or not to bike

“They never stop!”

Okay, so let’s all agree on this fact: Traffic in Saigon is CRAZY!!! Even as a local, we still have troubles navigating through the streets in rush hour. Here are some tips to help you get around safely.

CROSSING THE STREETS: In the (amended) words of Dory: “Just keep going!” (*) Don’t turn around abruptly. If there are so many vehicles approaching, you may stop and they will just swerve around you and then you can move on. Raising one arm above your head can also send a signal so the riders can see you from afar. Just keep going!

UBER: Cheaper than taxi. Surcharge applies during rush hour (noon and 5:30 – 6:30 pm). App available for both Android & iOS. Choices include:
Uber Motor: verified rider & helmet provided. Meter-based fare
Uber X: 4-seater
Uber black: 4 seater & high-end cars
Uber black – SUV: 7-seater cars

GRAB: a similar app to UBER and also includes an option to order Mai Linh Taxi. Available for both Android & iOS. Requires to fill in both origin & destination address to calculate fixed fare. Choices include:
Grab Bike: verified rider & helmet provided
Grab Car: choice between sedan and SUV cars
Grab Taxi: booking Mai Linh taxi at usual fare

TAXI: our building security guards can help you call/hail a taxi from the street. Make sure to get a Mai Linh or VinaSun to lower the risk of a scam. Check the meter before the trip to make sure it’s starting at ZERO

MOTORBIKE RENTAL: for those who have no fears of our traffic (we salute you), we can help you rent a motorbike. Security deposit and a copy of driving license are required. Please let us know in advance so we can check the quote.

(*) The original phrase “Just keep swimming” would still be correct in certain months during the rainy season in Saigon, though, as the rain combined with high tide usually leads to severe flooding in several areas in town.