Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Get a SIM card

At 190,000VND (less than 9 USD), a 3G SIM card with unlimited data from Viettel will prove to be handy as you navigate around the city. You can get a SIM card at Song Viet/ Viettel booth, usually located on the left side at the exit, right after you  finish your custom scan.

Transportation from Tan Son Nhat Airport

Our recommendations:

  1. UBER/Grab: usually half or 2/3 of the usual taxi fares, Uber & Grab have become a cheaper and more convenient ways to travel around the city. Ask the driver to arrive at Column 10 for private car pick up.
  2. Taxi: There’s a taxi stand located at the exit. Please go with meter taxi. Recommended: Mai Linh (green) and VinaSun. Note: Please make sure to have the driver call us to lower the risk of a scam. Take note of driver’s taxi number (the sticker) just in case.
  3. Song Viet private car rental: recommended for first time travelers to Saigon and/or large groups.
    Booth location: Column 6 (both domestic & international terminals)
    Booking: ask for PREPAID SERVICE costing for your destination -> Pay -> Get a receipt
    Note: Anyone who stops you to offer a different service or quote a different price is not part of Song Viet. Please ask the receptionist or driver to call us before so we can give them proper directions to our home.