A Potterhead. An OCD car enthusiast. And a Dad.

Briefly that sums up our little family. The Potterhead is me – An Nhien from Can Tho City – a nice town in the Mekong Delta and my car-obsessed husband Duc is from Da Lat – the central highlands. We are living in Saigon with my Dad – Do, a retired architect who devoted his career to the designing & building of churches in the  Mekong Delta.

We both have full time careers in Marketing (because Duc is really smart and I don’t really know what else to do). When we look back from our travels (which we do once in a while), we find that our interactions with the locals do play a significant part in shaping our memories of the place (the food is the next important thing, but that’s another story). We loved it when a sales clerk at T-Mobile store took time to jot down her favorite spots in San Francisco for us or a French home cook showed us how to make the best crepes in her kitchen. In those brief moments, we could feel  a connection created, no matter how small, and a sense that we’re all a part of something larger than ourselves. We love hosting because we believe in the sense  of belonging – that regardless of colors, religions or political views – people should be able to feel welcome and at home wherever they go. We believe in the small act of kindness and the simple joys of life. We don’t know 100% if this is the approach to restore world peace but we know for sure that like the ray of sun warming everything it touches, every little positive things we do to each other will light up a corner of our lives and that’s all that matters.

Our vacation homes are created with your comfort in mind and we are happy to share our local travel tips of Saigon just so you, our soon-to-be-friends, will have a happy and unforgettable trip. Because, after all, the best journey brings us home.

All the best,

Nhien & Duc

P/S: Why Le Soleil—you must be wondering now? Well, when it comes to naming, French always sounds posh, doesn’t it? Just kidding. Anyway, as we often tell our guests—Saigon is the land of perpetual summer, and summer means warm sun and all things fun. So the next time someone mentions the sun (or le soleil, if that person is French) in your conversation, you can start telling them, “Hey, I once had an awesome time with the hosts at Le Soleil Airbnb in Saigon…”